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– Why France has adopted the Nordic Model


 « Why France has adopted the Nordic Model »

By Lise Bouvet and Yaël Mellul

This article was first published in Le Huffington Post, French edition, on the day (04/06/2016) the new law was definitely adopted by the National Assembly in Paris. It was then edited and translated for The Huffington Post global edition, and the day after translated into Spanish for El Huffington Post

It has been translated into many other languages since then (Chinese, Corean, etc.)

This is the complete English version of the original French article, kindly translated by John Walder, we could never thank enough for his wonderful work. Another thousand thanks to Dr Meagan Tyler who made it happen!


« On Wednesday 6th April 2016, France adopted a public stance of opposition to prostitution inspired by the so-called “Nordic model” which seems to us to be often decried, little understood and even caricatured and…

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